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In what proved to be a contentious Heber Springs School Board meeting,michael kors outlet online, the Board opted to leave a new scheduling proposal up to the administrators of the schools. The proposal to introduce block scheduling to the District has caused concern among some parents and teachers. The new scheduling proposal would increase class times to 90 minutes each that would meet every other day. High School Principal Bret Brown was on hand to explain the concept and its benefits to those present. Middle School Principal Rita Watkins was unable to attend due to illness.Brown explained to the crowd that block scheduling would provide longer class periods, which would give a better student/teacher time ratio and would help with project based classes and labs. It will result in better student performance because of the time spent with the teacher,,to Meghan Trainer, said Brown.The schools are looking at a few options for the block scheduling proposal.Brown and Superintendent Russell Hester assured the crowd that students would still receive the same number of credits, even though the scheduling would be different.Those present that were opposed to the changes claimed there were insufficient studies on the benefits of a block scheduling format. Some of the teachers present were concerned they wouldn t see their students on a daily basis and their lack of input when the proposal was formed. Some also expressed concern that the new scheduling gave more time to athletic programs than academic courses. Supporters of the change praised the benefits of additional time for coursework and project completion, especially as those adhere to current academic requirements by the state.Most of the concerns about the change were focused on the Middle School,Known as "Chespirito",michael kors online, as some parents expressed doubts that a child that age could stay focused in a classroom for 90 minutes. Supporters countered that if the experience is engaging, a child can pay attention for that long, as evidenced by the fact that they can sit in front of a video game and movie for that long.The meeting seemed to have an approximately even number of those for and against among those making arguments.In the end,coach outlet online, the Board informed those at the meeting they would not be voting on this issue, as it was not an issue of curriculum or other policy issues,coach outlet store, but rather an issue of timing and scheduling, which is up to the administrators of the schools. This is not a voting issue for the Board,oakley sunglasses, said School Board President Kevin Thomas. We hired these administrators to administrate. Page 2 of 2 - All we can oversee is policy and finances. And curriculum, said Board Member Gary Redd.Board Member Rick Gardner dissented from the decision and asked the administrators to consider delaying their decision for a year to get more input. I am stunned that the Board doesn t have a say, said Gardner. I have serious concerns about block scheduling. In other School Board news, a decision to buy a new bus for the fleet was delayed until next month and approval was granted for the purchase of a truck and trailer to use by the school FFA program.

The company is successful at analyzing nutritional values of cheese, sauces, vegetables, and fruit. It has an initial prototype. At present,tory burch outlet online, it is redesigning its product for industrial production.

The demonstrations against the present role and structure of the RSP speak to a more profound institutional reform the transition from state-centric to human-centric security. Whereas the objective of the RSP was to protect the regime,, now that Compaor resigned,polo ralph lauren outlet, security services mush shift their attention to evaluating what threatens people s physical safety. In fact,tory burch outlet, after Compaor fled, one civil society leader ,Kazanowski says.,, it is time that the RSP should be folded into the army,, so that it can protect the people.

?An eye exam checks more than just your eyesight,hollister,? says Dr. Kirschbaum. ?It is a great way to gauge what is going on with your overall health,tory burch handbags, and it can help detect diseases in their early stages.?